I’ll build your dream brand so you can focus on building your dream product.

Alchemizing brands & designing beautiful
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The double-edged sword of being a skilled entrepreneur is feeling like you can do it all on your own. But just because you can, it doesn’t mean you should.

Tired of rummaging the internet for fonts? Searching through palettes? Building and rebuilding your website because it doesn’t feel quite right? Yup. I know how it feels.

If you want to grow your business, you have to learn how to prioritize. That means dedicating your time to what you truly excel at and delegating the rest to competent and trustworthy professionals.


Hi! I’m Natalie. I create iconic visual identities for wellness entrepreneurs. I’ve helped influencers get more brand deals by refining their aesthetic, coaches close more deals by creating high-conversion sales pages, and small business owners reach more customers by building beautiful websites and seamless check-out experiences.

Graphic Artist


let's create magic together

let's create magic together

My Services


Web Design

Creating an online portal to showcase all of your offerings in a beautiful and effective way.

A La Carte

Let's discover the spirit of your business.

Helping you get those specific tasks for your project done in a quick turnaround.

Taking your unique essence and creating a cohesive visual aesthetic that attracts your dream clients.


Prior to creating Calmunion Yoga, I had no experience with branding or graphic design. Creating a website and bringing my business idea to reality felt incredibly daunting and stressful. Natalie confidently walked me through each step of the process with great consideration for detail. She was very responsive and consistently ensured I felt supported. Because of Natalie’s professionalism, the process of creating my brand was absolutely seamless and flowed with ease. She actively listens to your desires and creates a brand that sincerely reflects your vision. Natalie’s artistic expertise allowed me to get clear on what aesthetic is most authentic to me. She is incredibly patient throughout the process, Natalie listened and acted on all my feedback and/or revisions. It’s hard to condense the value of Natalie’s service into one paragraph, as she created a logo, brand and web page that I cherish so deeply. Natalie’s service truly went above and beyond what I ever could have expected or anticipated.”

Lucy Stapleton

Calmunion Yoga

Natalie was an absolute dream to work with.

I had such a beautiful sales page that was created for my Group Coaching Program for Alive to Thrive that really had the energy & flare to it - right on brand! Working with Natalie in bringing this all to life was truly incredible because she really listens & picks up on your ideas & brings her unique eye to every detail of the project. She truly loves this work & understands the energy behind what she is creating- which makes it truly come alive. 

Jasmine Bee Raskob

Business Coach

Working with Natalie was such a special & creative experience!! 

“I am extremely pleased with the design logos Natalie made me for my business. She was very professional and took the time to sit with me and go over all my ideas and intentions. Through our conversations I was able to get clear with what I actually vision for my business. She broke it all down for me, from thoughts in my head to direct messages to share. Natalie respected my creative process; I really saw that she cares and wants to see me thrive. I can also tell she is highly qualified and very experienced in this work; she was able to inform me on subjects I was clueless to before. I walked away from our time together feeling so good about my offerings. Thank you, Natalie, for your kindness, beauty and support through this journey! Blessings,”

Sabrina Luppino

Holistic Women's Wellbeing

She was able to put my words and thoughts into a design that I feel perfectly matches my intentions. 

That’s what it was, a beautiful co-creation where I felt like she really took into account my needs and desires and used her amazing gifts to create an identity for my brand that really represents who I am and what I’m here to offer the world. She was so patient throughout the process and really made sure to take the time to create something I love. I highly recommend working with her!”

Sara Shirley

Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Coach 

“Natalie was a joy to work with and I LOVE the outcome of my logo and visual branding that we co-created.

I reached out to Natalie for my business logo design because she displayed amazing work. She quickly got back to me with 4 different variations to help guide the direction of the project. After a few inputs she took the direction very well and created the perfect logo. 

Alex Medina

Creative Entrepreneur

I highly recommend Natalie for her artistic and communication skills. She’s very talented!

I really love that she dives in and shows multiple examples of what is possible with her design services, and will be definitely using her services again! Thank you so much for my beautiful design logo.”

Jillian Wisborg

Holistic Nutritionist & Iridologist

Natalie is an excellent communicator, and a beautiful artist. 

Natalie recently created a new logo and rebranding package for me. I really enjoyed working with her and being included in the fascinating process of taking what was a loose idea and turning into a solid vision for now and the future. Natalie is creative, efficient and a pleasure to work with. After a couple of conversations, Natalie was able to capture all the elements I was hoping for, creating a logo which exactly expresses the energy that I wanted my logo to convey; warmth, simplicity, self love and caring. As well, her artwork is timeless, eye catching, memorable and unique! Highly recommend Natalie, you won’t be disappointed! 

Cathryn Lynch

Pilate's Instructor

I love my new logo!!